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Quality Ingredients

Why should you be concerned about using quality ingredients?

By selecting high quality ingredients, National® is able to blend the ingredients to promote an optimal balance of nutrients to meet the specific needs of dogs at different activity and age levels.

Why are quality protein sources important?

National® selects highly digestible protein sources that provide an optimal balance of amino acids that contribute to the building and repairing of muscle mass and the maintaining of hard and soft tissue.

Why are premium animal fats and vegetable oils added to dog foods?

National® blends these important ingredients into their products to balance the saturated and unsaturated fat levels while contributing to a healthy skin and coat and great taste.

Are vitamins and minerals important?

Yes, the correct level, and balance of vitamins and minerals will contribute to disease resistance, good vision, healthy teeth and bones and excellent muscle tone. National® also uses chelated minerals which are more readily utilized.

What is meant by Omega 6 and 3?

High quality ingredients are added to provide the correct balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids to help nutritionally promote the natural healing process, rejuvenate dry skin and develop a rich luxurious coat. Flaxseed is added as a palatable Omega 3 source to ensure all formulas contain the correct ration of Omega 6 to Omega 3.

Why is fish meal added to National® Dog Food?

By adding fish meal, there is evidence to support it will contribute to improvement to the following conditions: immunity, inflammatory conditions, wound healing, renal disease, coronary heart disease and cancer.



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