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    "I have been a professional dog trainer for over 30 years. Recently I tried National® Dog Food and could not believe the difference! The dogs eat less than other brands I've used. They have not gained weight and look great. I have noticed a significant improvement in their stamina and interest while competing. I also use National®'s Energy Pak to rehydrate my dogs while training and during field trials.
    "I am convinced that National® Dog Food and Energy Pak are the best products on the market today!"
   Dan Mar
Founder, National Hunting Dog Association
    "I feed National® products because they make a variety of products to match the needs of working and racing dogs throughout the year.
    "I feed National® because of the proven success it has had helping many musher to win top finishes in numerous races. National® Competition X-TRA supplied the nutritional need of my champion team in the 1998 Yukon Quest."
Bruce Lee
2000 Iditarod -- Humanitarian Award Winner
    "I feed National® Dog Food because the cost per feed is very affordable and the palatability and digestibility is excellent. With National®'s commitment to quality ingredients and nutrition, I know they will not cut corners on the quality of ingredients to save money. In addition to excellent performance my dogs have a better coat on National® Dog Food than any other product I have fed."
Larry Carroll
2000 Iditarod Competitor




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