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Unique Manufacturing Process

Is the manufacturing method important?

Yes, extremely important. We utilize a low temperature manufacturing method which preserves protein quality. High temperature processing damages or denatures the quality proteins used in manufacturing other pet foods.

What are the benefits to my dog because of this low temperature manufacturing method?

Proteins are made up of amino acids. Overheating these amino acids make them less available to your dog, resulting in poor digestibility. National®'s low temperature manufacturing method means you dog will get maximum benefit and utilization of the proteins in each National® diet.

Why do other dog food manufacturers use a high temperature method?

Because they can get faster production rates which decrease their product costs. National® is more concerned with manufacturing a product that is right for your dog and are confident you will see the difference in your dog's performance. Additional benefits are:

  • Better utilization of the proteins means you can feed less per serving.
  • Feeding less per serving than other dog foods means lower cost per feeding.
  • Better utilization of the proteins means less waste or lower stool volume.



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